There Goes Those Memories

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Here's what the internet is doing to your body. You write a little something on it and tell yourself that there are millions of people that are waiting there online to read it. You tell yourself until you are convinced that there are millions of people reading your little something words that will like them so much that they will pay you with so many compliments you become rich and famous.

It's an unhealthy habitan addiction that feels like you could never be the same without it. Your life is better and faster because of it when you can still remember a life without it. The internet has us all convinced and connected to the idea that we can keep up with everyone just by talking about ourselves.

When what I'm thinking is about updating my status to say something else, I no longer want to login.

The internet already reminds me of a VCRworth so much at one time, now years later, even if it were brand new, you couldn't even give one away, no one would take it. It's of no more use. Besides, I threw away all my VHS tapes.

No... Wait!!!

I still have the one of our vacation... you know... the one... when we went camping and we made that movie inside the tent... remember... you were doing that thing with the flashlight...

Well, I couldn't get myself to destroy it once I remembered what was on it... and I couldn't throw it away because what if someone else found it... and watched it...

Ah yes... I'll go see if I can find it while you hook up the VCR so we can watch it. Shit! No, that won't work. You can't hook a VCR up to my computer... and I threw away my TV as soon as you could watch a TV on a computer.

There goes those memories.

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