The Eruption of Mt. Hood

Where were you when Mt. Hood blew it's top and the earth shook all the walls in Portland Oregon? Were you standing next to a bookcase filled with books and knickknacks, trinkets and things? Did the floor shake first or after the shock of the bookcase toppling on top of you had surprised you? All your settled things becoming unsettled—together leaning forward, tipping on dusty toes, slipping slopping flopping on top of you, taking the bookcase with them.

Smooshed by your things.

All of your things, all at once, came crashing down upon you—the one person that has been piling them on top of each other for all these years.

The cockroaches tickle your nose as they scurry across your face. They have been unleashed from their home within your home. They squeeze in between your things, looking for air. You are pinned to the floor by the weight of a toppled bookcase filled with the trophies of your life. You can't move your head. You're buried and waiting for someone to rescue you. This is your only hope, that someone will come, the sooner the better, and dig you up, free you, and fill your senses with a feeling of resurrection.

Buried alive.
Smooshed by your things and a bookcase.

- - -

I can't bear to leave you like this. The thought of it! I can write about frantically digging. I can hear you moaning! Don't worry, I'm digging! Can you hear me? Are you okay? Did I do this?

No. Mt. Hood is still burning, and the burning is flowing like a tidal wave—roaring like a lion. I can see it glowing. I can feel the heat growing. It's too hot. I try to scream but all I see is steam.


The Little Engine's Tough Decision

I don't have enough self-esteem left to make it up the mountain. The only way I can imagine reaching the top is if I climb into the furnace and burn myself up. Fuel for the fire burning water into steam, powering the engine until I'm exhausted in a puff of smoke. I think I can... I think I can... stop. Clang. Clank. Clunk. Stopped in my tracks. This sucks. It's cold and frozen up here. I'm going to die no matter what. Goodbye people that I have hauled this far. Either I unlock the coupling or burn myself up.