Taken with a longer exposure while walking through a close-by neighborhood on a cloudy Portland day.

- 01 -
When designers lose their Lucky Strike, they switch to American Spirit. Additive-free! I believe! Pillows of smoke hit us in the face—coughed out of the advertisement manufactory.

Quitting smoking feels like changing careers and running to the mountains for a breath of fresh air. Away from the billboards and packaging that litters the forest—plastic bottles filled with piss and spit—forever remains by old degradable trails, paved with the butts of cigarettes.

- 02 -
Children walking home from school, brother and little sister, take your time getting home, rent free, for me.

- 03 -
Two ladies who look like sisters walking their golden retriever, don't mind me, I'm just jotting down your picture.

- 04 -
Pretty house hiding in the pretty trees, the one with the wooden canoe hanging in the garage that I can see looking like brand new, pristine. I see you there, empty and alone and gorgeous and huge, waiting for the ones who left you to return from their jobs in their beautiful cars with their beautiful children, and drive right up into you, right next to the brand new wooden canoe—the place where luxury lives.

Get off my lawn you strange man! Go back to where you live! Go now! Move along, and sing your lack-of-luxury song where we don't have to hear it!

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