I just saw an older, soft, larger lady wobble-run across the crosswalk of Trader Joe's with her arms up in the air, held in the direction of the passing bus. The bus pulled over to the curb and waited for her, but the lady continued to run towards the open door no matter how much it seemed to hurt every bone in her body.

I just saw a small, white butterfly flapping and flopping frantically—trapped in a spider's web—struggling to break free. I thought to help it, but there was nothing I could do. It was too tangled, and trying to break it free would just trap it more. Besides, the spider was already upon it, and the butterfly was an impressive catch for such a small spider. I thought the spider should be able to celebrate such a beautiful victory.

As I sat down on the curb to write this all down, I realized that I became self-aware about where I could and could not sit, as if there were laws lying around that I was unaware.

Soon after sitting, a bearded man on neon-yellow roller-blades rolled by, and soon after that, a mom-lady on a bike that had a child-seat on it without a child in it. Both took notice of me, both looked down at me, and both smiled.

I just discovered that two-cars-down from where I was sitting on the curb there is a young-lady sitting in the driver's seat of a parked, red four-door car eating an ice cream cone—minding her own business the same street as me.

I just heard a sound that sounded like a gunshot coming from inside one of these houses! I wonder if it was, and why I even want to find out. A gunshot sound is not something that sounds like you should be poking around.

I just saw a black bird eating salsa and share it with his blackbird friend. I didn't know that black birds like salsa.

I just saw a lady drive by and shove something into her mouth—presumably something salty—presumably french fries. There's a McDonald's around the corner, and she was wiggling-rubbing her fingers together as if she were trying to free them from salty boogers.

I just heard a little girl say out loud, "I hate to see dead squirrels."

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