Advertising really is a crazy game. Essentially, it's about making a name circulate though an audience of competing demands. You could be the most brilliant shoemaker in the world, but if no one ever hears about you and the brilliance of your shoes, then the only one to benefit from the shoes is the shoemaker. Bah! Brilliance!? Yes! Brilliance! It's only a matter of convincing confidence—brilliance also sparkles!

Advertising! A brand! Spread the word! Get out there and prop up your hot pokers on top of the already cold pokers! Make sure they are positioned purposefully, right at eye level, and in the most crowded places so they will be sure to stab everyone's attention.

TSSSS! Steam escaping skin, stinging and smoking. TSSSS! iBrand! You heard? You seen? TSSSS! Well now you have! And now you have another TSSSS! to add to the Nike TSSSS! on your feet, the Levis TSSSS! on your legs, and the Target TSSSS! marks on your sleeves. Plastic Apple TSSSS!'s steaming out of your pockets and bags, what they doin? Ringing? Beepin? Buzzin? Boopin? Charging the largest network with more can you hear me now things?

TSSSS! One more time, and this TSSSS! is from me poking you in the eyes with branded words like Next! Great! American! Writer!

AHHHH! It stings!

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mike said...

that's why I quit advertising