A Pair Of Satisfactions

After a frantic morning, I suddenly found myself relieved, with the allusion that I could go about the rest of the day feeling satisfied. On a gamble that this notion of satisfaction might prove useful today, I took it with me downtown to look for a new pair of boots that I could hike and wear anywhere—something that laces up high and can step on anything without slipping. I was satisfied with at least the motion of going shopping for them, so I headed downtown on the train.

The Outdoor Store was the first stop on my list. They have boots galore—all kinds, for all kinds of uses for feet. Even if I didn't find anything in my price range, I was still determined to try on anything just to see how it feels to walk around in them—to know the difference between three hundred dollars and less than that, on down to a hundred or two. 

The first ones I saw, I loved. I asked if they had them in a size twelve. The man who was working in the room said no, but he could probably order some for me if I wished. I looked at the price and told him no, that's okay. He asked what I was looking for, and I told him a work boot—something with a good sole, that could walk you anywhere. Not something flat and slippery, or flat and gummy, or flat at all. Something like this! And I found it! How about this one? Do you have it in a size twelve?

He said yes, that's it. That's a twelve. You can try it on. And I did. And it fit like a glove! It was soft and snug and surprisingly the lightest thing I could have ever expected. I walked around the store in front of the mirror looking at how they looked on me. They looked fine! I looked at the price and didn't flinch—with the boot on my foot, it all made perfect sense. I was satisfied yet again. Twice in one day. I walked back home with a pair of satisfactions in the bag, and a new pair of shoes to boot!

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