You Up There

I see you there. Yes. That’s me. I’m the one that’s waving at you right now—standing on the sidewalk twenty stories below. Yup. I’m the tiny speck standing in the middle of the ring of specks that are the people that have started to gather around me—the curiously attentive ones that are beginning to notice that I have stopped to wave at you. They were disturbed by the way I was standing firm in a place they wanted to pass by—that something was different in their routine of walking to where they were going. Some, as you can probably see better than me, are still going about their business, oblivious, in an unconscious state of movement between point A to B.

I didn’t mean to call this much attention to you. I just wanted to let you know that if you decided to jump, I would catch you, no matter what, even if you flatten the both of us.

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